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Designed to provide added stability in swift currents or over a rocky stream bottom, the Penns Creek wading staff is a necessary addition to every angler's tackle. It's great for hiking as well as wading too. Each staff is crafted from white ash, a native Pennsylvania hardwood known for its strength, beauty and durability. Penns Creek Guides is committed to providing anglers with the finest wading staffs to help make your next excursion safe and more successful. Each Penns Creek wading staff is hand crafted and finished by Tom Doman.

The Penns Creek wading staff offers the discerning angler numerous advantages:

  • Catch more fish! Wade streams safely and confidently in places other anglers cannot reach.
  • One piece design; the staff won’t come apart at a critical time when wading.
  • Solid wood construction. The tip is notmetallic so wading is much quieter. Quiet wading means fewer spooked fish. Replacement rubber tips are available at most hardware stores.
  • When casting or fishing, the staff floats conveniently out of the way.
  • A snap bolt fastener on the lanyard securely attaches the staff to a D ring or wader belt.

The staffs are 51 inches in length, have a rich grain pattern a warm honey gold color; positive grip handle and are protected with three coats of marine grade spar varnish buffed to a deep luster.

  Wading staffs are $70 each, PA sales tax included. Shipping is additional.
To order your staff contact Tom Doman at 814-364-9142 or by email at


To ensure arrival for Christmas, be sure to order by December 12.




~ Wading is the most common means through which a dry fly fisherman
is transformed into a wet fly fisherman.
— Henry Beard & Roy McKie