Penns Creek is a jewel in the crown of Pennsylvania’s limestone streams. The largest spring creek in the state, Penns Creek runs through Centre, Mifflin and Union Counties; flowing some eighty plus miles to its confluence with the Susquehanna River. With ample reason, many anglers consider this stream to be the premier limestone trout fishery in Pennsylvania. Penns offers wild brown trout, an abundance of aquatic insect life, spectacular scenery, seclusion and a wide variety of water types to suit any angler’s preference. To fish Penns Creek is to experience a trout stream in as near a wilderness setting as there exists in our state.

The sparkle on this jewel of a sizeable limestoner is the 15 miles of water from Coburn downstream to Weikert. This is the renowned middle section of Penns Creek. Flowing through the rugged forested mountain ridges of the Bald Eagle State Forest, here anglers discover a trout fishing paradise. The fast runs, deep pools, riffles and boulder strewn pocket water hold an amazing variety of insect life and an exceptional population of wild trout. Here too is an opportunity to enjoy angling in the seclusion of an undeveloped landscape; scenic, forested and abounding with wildlife.

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A visit to Central Pennsylvania offers you the opportunity to fish other storied local waters as well.  The Little Juniata River and Spring Creek are favorite angling destinations and well worth exploring.  No matter whether your fly fishing preference is small mountain brooks, big rivers or anything in between, the streams in our area offer a wide variety of water types to suit any angler.

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Teach a man to fish, and he will call in sick and go fishing."
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